Why Streamate.com Is One Of The Best Live Sex Cam Site

February 19, 2018 | 1157 Views

When it comes to live steaming of adult sex, streamate is undoubtedly one of the best and most entrusted sex cam site. With close to 10,000 registered members, streamate offers more than forty different categories of sex ranging from Blacks to whites, Anal to Vaginal, hardcore to amateur among many other categories.

Established in 2003, streamate has been the leading the park when it comes to live sex cam and this is clearly visible as it is the most popular adult live Cam site in America. At one point majority of the adults have worked at the site. What actually makes streamate so popular and the best? We are going today to look at what has steered streamate to another level.

First, membership is free. Joining freemate is absolutely free! I mean you will not be charged even a dine. The effort you may be required to put is accessing the site and joining it by creating your account for free. You can also register for a lifetime membership for free.

Secondly Streamate allows you to enter chat rooms and have two way conversations with your favourite model by using your free membership account .No other site does it. The chats range from Exclusive chat sessions to private chats sessions. There prices range from $4.99 to $ 2.99.

With most live Cam sites using high-tech video equipments, Streamate gives its customers a lifetime of experience as live Cam Videos are streamed at high definition (HD). You will be able to clearly see the person your chatting with by just pressing the HD button that is next to model. You can also zoom the screen to your most preferred size .

Streamate offers a live sex shows also called Gold shows. This is where you will be able to watch girls perform a live hardcore sex at a small flat fee. You will be required to only pay between $3 to $5 for shows running a whole ten minutes!

Streamate also rewards its members under the premium paid chat session with credits. Such rewards are meant to encourage the users. They are paid according to the time you watch, the longer you watch the more the amazing credits.

Streamate is also the only site accepting different forms of payments. On registering for a free membership you will be asked for the credit card but you may also use different cards such as Visa and MasterCard for payment once in exclusive and private chats.

With all the special features and lucrative deals, some people have found the site so sweet that they have tried to access the pay sessions through dubious means. This mainly include hacking the site in oder to enter the exclusive and private chat session unnoticed.

However, accessing this sessions through hacking is impossible as the site has upgraded its security features to latest version. You just have Stop wasting your money and time by buying some fancy softwares which will never work.

Any activity that suggests you are trying to hack this site will land you into trouble. Streamate.com is a copyrighted website and any form or trial to hacking will result to you facing the cyber crime law enforcement. You will later be handed over to the federal law enforcement unit Which will charge you according to the damage you have caused to the website.

The law punishes any unauthorized access to computer network and hence you may end up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $15,000 or both once found guilty. With such huge penalties, it is better you pay the little small amount to gain access to live chatting. $3 dollars is a small amount of money to pay as compared to the quality services you will get.

In conclusion, streamate is the best live Cam site for entertaining yourself. The services offered are of high class and at a very low price compared to other websites. The high quality video, ability to change camera angles, credit rewards and discount, free membership, easy payment method, discount among many other features has set streamate standards at par. As an adult above 18 years, streamate is the site that will undoubtedly give you the memorable lifetime experience of live Cam sex.

With free membership it is your mandate to support our our models by paying them well as they are human beings like us who are also doing work . Some of models working at streamate may be your family members or close friends and thus your financial support will motivate them.

Our goal at streamatecredits.com is to help you get streamate.com without any risk. We are the only reliable and risk-free source for streamate credits. On streamatecredits we'll tell you all about stream mate credits system, streamate.com free credits, streamate credit generators, streamate.com free accounts and much more.

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